To build a house need to be considered also the network planning and installation of clean and dirty water is one of the main parts that need attention. Because one of the things that is very concerned at the time the house was occupied by disturbances such as water leaks, clogged.

When we find the leak in the pipeline, especially the position of the leak is in the ground or in the wall, then to find a leaky pipe will encounter difficulties and the cost is not small.

For the planning of the pipeline should be easily detected in the event of a leak. Generally, the leak occurred on pipe connections, because at the time of installation of the connection is not good or leaking pipes on the wall or the floor it could happen perhaps a plaster wall or plug the tile floor pipe was hit by a bricklayer, did not leak immediately but a few months later, because of the water pressure in the pipeline then there could be a leak or plumbing, handyman installing forgot to give the glue a pipe, this often happens.

Or there is a fixer pipe that says if sewer and no pressure need not be given glue is also not a problem, but it was a fatal mistake. Sure, time was not a leak but a few months ahead a little – by little the water will seep, let alone within the pipe wall can make trouble. That’s why, use an experienced plumber as you can see in Cardiff plumbers, so that no error occurs when the process installation is complete.

To find out where leaking pipes simple way is, by turning on the water pump, then open the faucet small so that the pump does not die, and let the pipe full of water and high pressure, allow 5 minutes, then check the walls or floors through which pipes water , Then check out what there is wet, if there is a wet around that leak.

The division of the pipeline should also be considered, so that the division of the water evenly. Do not get when we’re washing hands in the bathroom, suddenly the water is shrinking because there are washing dishes.

Use good quality, PVC pipes, at least for the water pipes using a type AW, while for dirty water pipes using type D. In the dirty water pipe installation note height level surface final disposal of dirty water with a high level of dirty water drain hole in the house.