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Ways on How to Control Pests Crops, livestock and people are attacked by insects or even animals that are referred to as pests. They are destructive to the group they attack. Some of these pests bring about illnesses to both the livestock and humans and they end up destroying the plant life. In both the homes and the fields, these pests are found everywhere. Cockroaches and the flies, which are mainly found in homes, feed on food wastes. The group of pests called the rodents feeds on stored foods and cereals. These pests cause harm and can transmit diseases. It is a necessity to control them. The risks they bring to the society are reduced by the pest control since it minimizes the number of pests. In controlling the pests, two ways can be done. One is to remove all the breeding sites, and the other one is by the use of a pesticide. The pests breed well in dark, dirty and damp areas. Where there is a dirty stagnant water; that is a favorable breeding site to some. Getting rid of these breeding sites is the first step to controlling the pests. We are encouraged to keep wrapped foods and use the closed bins which are emptied regularly. This prevents pests like the cockroaches which feed on left over foods. Once you get rid of the breeding site, then they end up not multiplying in number and mostly starve to death. Rats, which can creep from your neighbor to your house are controlled by the use of baits to trap them. Rats are very dangerous in destroying a person’s property. They biting on clothes, books, and even water pipes.
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When dirt is allowed to lie carelessly in the environment, it makes the area attractive to most of these insects. Clearing all the dirt, closing every open septic tank, doing away with the small pools of water and burning the non-managed grass around the compound is necessary. Left over foods in the house should be well disposed of in a tight lid bin and the utensils should be washed clean before going to bed.
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commonly used in the farms are the pesticides. They are mostly harmful to humans when consumed. They are made of chemicals and when ingested they can cause a great harm. Before handling any of them, it is required that one reads the manual carefully. In the house, cases where the baits don’t work a rat poison is used. People do use people pesticides in form of sprays when controlling mosquitoes , fleas and other pests in the house. Though they can be used inside the house, they are very harmful and should be stored properly especially with young ones around. Also, when spraying the crops and livestock, it is important to wear a protective clothing.