Should you refinish your own wood floors?

Follow these steps if you need guidance to revamp your scratched floor. With sufficient research you can do this job yourself.

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Thoroughly clean the floor

Tackle the job with hardwood floor cleaner or a solution of 10 parts water to 1 part vinegar. Dry the floor with a towel wrapped mop head. Be sure to close the doors and windows to prevent the dust from going through the house. This can also be done on laminate flooring but take care to treat it gently.

Prepare the perimeters

Sand the outer edge by hand and any parts that are difficult to reach with the sander using 180-grit paper. Sand just over 10 cm away from the skirting board until a fine powder forms.

Remember that all floors need maintenance. Suppliers like will be best at advising you on maintenance when you initially decide on your flooring.

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Scuff the old finish into powder

Always wear a dust mask and start sanding the floor with the grain and can provide some guidance on which dust mask to choose. Overrun each line by 15 cm. Powder will start forming from the previous top layer. Constantly move the sander but take a break after every five minutes or so. During that time you need to unclog the pad.

Vacuum then tack

After the powder has settled, replace the vacuum’s filter and use a felt based fitting to sweep. Dry-tack along the grain with a microfibre cloth.

Start on the edges

Use a mask and put shoe protectors on. Now, brush a small amount of sieved finish in a wide line between 5-7cm all along the skirting boards. Start from the place furthest from the door.

Apply the new finish

Pour out as much finish as you can apply in 10 minutes as it dries quickly and you want to avoid lap marks. A 3 cm line parallel to the grain should do the trick. Roll out the finish with the grain and then repeat across using an extended handle roller. Work quickly and overrun every section. Apply extra liquid to the perimeters after 10 minutes and then repeat the procedure again for the next 10 minutes. Keep going until the entire floor is complete. Recoat after 3 hours and wait 7 days before bringing the furniture back in.