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Removing Pests In Your House Assume that you have invited friends for dinner at your home, then a bug zipping across your dining room – these are one of the most embarrassing situation you may be in, at that time you will wish the earth to bury you alive. Such bugs are not only embarrassment: but they are indicators of how your house is not clean, and they are very dangerous because they may cause diseases like the encephalitis, Lyme disease, and West Nile just to mention a few. There are a couple of ways of getting rid of bug even though it is said, “You can never get rid of bugs entirely,” but there are several methods of preventing them from infesting your house, your body in a safe manner. Majority bug repellents we use in our homes are more disadvantageous to the user than to the bug; these are because the research was conducted on the household insecticides used and they contain an ingredient known as DEET, which is the leading cause of seizures significant nerve damages and asthma. It is not only the pest repellants that cause more havoc than good but also the bug killers that we use in our house or lawn that contain chemicals known as organophosphates which are very toxic especially to the human nervous system and also has been associated with problems in development in children. Majority of pests can cause death and mosquitoes are one of them, according to research conducted by the National Academy of Science is that mosquitoes have nowadays become resistant to DEET which is commonly found in most of the insect repellant found in stores. It is without a doubt that mosquitoes breed in places where there is water even the tiny amount and the only way to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes are to ensure drill small holes at the bottom of recycling bins or trash cans, clear the roof gutters from all the stagnant rain water and ensure you keep on changing the birdbath twice a week to remove all the mosquitos eggs.
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There are several homemade methods you can use to prevent or kill bugs in your home. It is worth noting that if there roaches you inject the boric acid which is available in most shops in places where it is high infested with the roaches, or you may use a jar and put any sweet thing inside the jar and apply something slippery at the tip of the jar, and when the bugs crawl into the jar they will have a hard time getting out because the tip is slippery. It is true that the homemade solutions are safe because they are natural and contain fewer chemicals which are harmful to our bodies.