Can President Obama Channel Clinton Economics?

Former President Bill Clinton presided over one of the most robust economies in modern American history.

And while admittedly so, some of the successes may have been a result of good timing and a bit of luck, certainly his leadership abilities served to create a consensus, in particular, for which he surely had a role.

That role has more than a few people waxing nostalgic over Clintonomics, including President Obama.

To begin with, the current Congress and the president have had no luck in adopting strategies designed to unleash a massive amount of capital that’s accumulated but not being invested.

The partisan bickering has the country in a choke hold. There are some $2.2 trillion in cash and American banks that are not committed to loans.

Moreover, a couple of hundred billion has been held back for bad mortgages, but that still leaves $2 trillion that could be used in …

12 Facts You Need to Know Before Your Next Trip Cairo

1 – Cairo is very crowded city where more than 15 million live in, you have to consider this within your trip planning in order to avoid any lateness or being on hurry while your visit specially to those who have so limited time to make their tours like stopover travelers or quick tour tourists

 2 – Large number of attractions are located in Cairo, you have to decide what you exactly need to visit and what to discover firstly, set your priorities, know your real desires and then plan the tour accordingly

 3 – In Cairo there are a lot of transportation means, local cabs, white cabs, London cabs metro, microbuses, buses and so on

 for travelers, never to use buses or microbuses, you really wont like to be involved in, avoid local taxies, just you can use London taxis or white ones, Regarding metro; it is ok to …