Multiple Self-Storage Locations and Service Options

Self-storage can be a hassle depending on the company that rents the unit. Some require contracts that lock people into paying for storage for three to six months, if not longer. Available units may be located on a second or third floor which means lugging items up and down the stairs or trying to fit boxes into an elevator and lugging them down a long hallway. Access is often limited to certain hours during the day and may not include weekend hours at all.

Service Options

Eliminate those hassles by finding one company with multiple service options, such as Pink Storage in the UK. Renting a unit requires a smart phone and a few minutes. Go online to the website, select from several locations, pay for the unit, and the process is completed. An access code is text-ed to the phone immediately and that gets renters into their units. All units are on the ground floor which eliminates maneuvering stairs or crowding boxes into elevators.

Options do not end there. Mobile storage can be requested and arranged online. A unit is dropped off at the home or business location. Renters fill it at their leisure and call for a pickup. The unit is brought to the secured storage lot. When it is needed again, call to have it delivered. There is no double duty of loading the items into a truck and unloading them when arriving at the storage location. Prevent sore muscles and just load items once.

Rent a Van

For people with small cars getting items to a storage unit can be next to impossible. A friend with a truck is not always an option. The company offers vans with drivers for rent to assist with the process. Schedule a date and time for the van to arrive. Load it up and meet the driver at the storage unit. Unload the items and enjoy the rest of the day.

Sizes and Prices

All units are the same size which is twenty-feet long by eight-feet wide. Some locations, such as Bridgend, can also accommodate caravan storage. Pricing is low, and renters can add to the savings with introductory deals and promotional offers throughout the year at different locations. Multiple service options allow renters to get storage that suits their needs and preferences.