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A Simple But Effective Home Remedy Tips for Vicks Rub

Now is the time to know how the Vicks vapor rub can help you do more than just rubbing to your chest when you have a cold. Did you know that the Vicks vapor rub has more uses that meet your eye?! This vapor has powerful ingredients such as camphor, eucalyptus, and menthol whose smell is not only curative but also acts as an excellent home remedy!

Among the most popular uses of the menthol vapor rub is unblocking the chest. Vicks may also be a great remedy for those who want their nose or throat unblocked. However, there are many other ideas you can use the herbal product. Now, there’s a way you could use the menthol product to relieve muscle pains and protect your furniture from destruction by pets. Here we go!

Relieve a disturbing earache
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When your ear aches, you need to find a way to feel better as soon as possible. Well, you will need to get to a physician, but the first thing that you need to do is to stop the pain. The results are ideal for those who apply the product in the recommended way. All you need is a clean cotton ball. The ear cotton stick will do a great job in the application of the vapor rub. Well, it does not fight the infection there in, but it surely works to relieve the pain. So, you will eventually need some medical check up.
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Get ripped!

Did you know that the menthol vapor product can easily help you get rid of your tummy? Although, this is not easy to believe, especially for people who have used many products to try and get rid of their tummies. But if you follow the procedure, you can actually get a flat, slim and elegant waist! You need to mix tablespoons of camphor, baking soda, and whiskey with half a jar of the Vicks vapor.

Then, you will need to mix until you get a uniform paste. So, whenever you are going for your daily exercises, make sure you have rubbed it to abdomen. After you are done jogging, you need to clean it with plenty of water (preferably hot). Notably, the menthol paste works the same way as the expensive slimming products you find in the stores.

You see, there are many remedies around you! The menthol product can help you get on the right path of leading a healthy life. Other uses of this product include; removal of dead cells from your skin, chasing bugs from home and maintaining your beauty. You see how that pure menthol product can even help you to save cash? And won’t you order it today?