Cheap HP Ink, Smaller Fonts and New Settings: How to Get More For Less From Your Printer

The arrival of computers did not help to reduce the amount of paperwork in the average office. In fact, most studies show that people now print and keep twice as many documents as they did in the past. Many companies rely on a paper backup in case their digital files fail, and this includes printing email and other online correspondence. The result is that printer ink has become a large expense for many small businesses and individuals and learning how to cut this expense is important for everyone.

Avoid Document Mistakes

Print less with careful proofreading. Take a break from looking at a letter or any other document so it is easier to edit the work more effectively on the return. Every small typo can force a reprint that wastes ink needlessly.

Change the Settings

Avoid the use of the highest quality setting for documents that will go into files for backup. A draft mode or grayscale setting is usually enough for most print jobs. It is a simple task to change the setting to a higher quality when needed.

Reduce Font Size

Never print images or use a font that is larger than necessary. Use simple fonts because every extra curl or swoop wastes ink with no real benefit for the effort.

Clean the Printer

Sometimes pages do not print or print poorly because the printer is dirty or due to a clogged print head. Run the cleaning feature on the printer whenever streaks or blobs of ink appear. Wipe down the machine or use an aerosol duster to remove any dust or other material inside the printer.

Check ink Prices

Compare prices online between various retailers. Cheap HP ink is available, but it is not always from the larger suppliers. Smaller, individually owned companies often offer high-quality ink cartridges for much less than major electronics companies or other nationally known retailers.

A final tip is to ignore print level warnings. Every company should have extra ink on-hand, but do not change the cartridge until the quality of the print changes and cleaning does not help. Some printer models have low ink warnings that begin whenever the level drops below 50 percent. It may be possible to print dozens of pages or more before a fresh cartridge is needed.