6 Most common cafe chairs you can find in almost every café

Apart from the hot cup of tea and coffee served in a café, another primary aspect that makes a café attractive to the people is the design and the furniture used. A café is a place where everyone goes to spend some time and relax, and if they find the sitting arrangement or the furniture to be uncomfortable, they will think twice before visiting the café again. So, to retain your customers and attract the new one, having attractive furniture is a mandatory opting which you can’t ignore. So, while choosing furniture for your café, it is essential that you choose the best one that blends in perfectly with the environment of your café and helps to enhance its environment by making it more cozy and comfortable. But, with a wide range of options available in the market, it is hard to find the right one. So, to make this whole part easier for you, we have come up with a list of points that will help you to choose the best furniture for your café.

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Café furniture buying tips

Setting up a new café or refurbishing one is an exciting process but the task gets daunting when you have to choose the perfect furniture for it. Keeping aside the drinks and food, the choice for furniture will play a huge role in its success. So, while buying furniture for your café, there are some important factors that you should keep in mind such as,


The highlighted part of every café is its style. Before getting in for a drink, people need to find your café interesting. The style of your café will help them to learn about the ambiance of your café. There is a wide variety of café furniture that is available in the market so make sure that while buying one, the choice of furniture goes well with the theme of your cafe.

Floor layout and space

The layout and space will play an important role while choosing furniture for your café. It is essential for you to make sure that the furniture you will be choosing will fit perfectly inside your café while leaving enough space so that your staffs and customer can walk past the table comfortably. A furniture stuffed place is the last place that someone would like to spend some time.


Always go for stackable furniture for your café as they can be easily moved and stored when required. It will also make maintaining and cleaning your café easier than ever. And if you are planning for an outdoor sitting arrangement, then you should invest in furniture that is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor usage.


The color of your furniture will reflect the theme of your café. Go for contrasting color as they will help to enhance the different mood of your patrons.

Being said the tips above; let us have a look at the six trendiest styles of café furniture.

  • Bentwood Chairs

Ease and simplicity are what this chair defines. Blends well with any theme, the bentwood chairs are the best choice if you are looking for versatility.

  • Outdoor Bistro Chairs

Crafted out of rattan or wicker commonly, the outdoor café is the best choice if you are looking for adding more elegance and luxury sitting arrangement in your café.

  • Metal Chairs

Basic yet functional, the metal chairs are the most common choice of cafe chairs for years now.

  • Arm Chairs

Armchairs are utterly comfortable, and your patrons will surely like spending hours sitting on it.

  • Plastic chairs

Another basic cafe chairs that are easy to maintain, functional, available in a wide variety of design and color.

  • Stools

These are perfect for the outdoor sitting arrangement as they consume a little space and make the perfect chairs when kept near the walls.