Month: February 2019

Use Private Duty Home Care Instead of Institutional Living for Mom Or Dad

As an adult child, what are you to do when you recognize that your mother or father cannot live their life independently any longer? That they are struggling with the activities of daily living or ADLs. Is the only option to move them into an institutional setting? No. Consider home care. NDIS Service provides an alternative to an institutional setting that is flexible, personal and allows the parent to remain in their own home.

So just how is this flexible? Well if you move into an institutional setting, well you live there – 24 hours a day. But say your parent really only needs help getting going in the morning, or Tuesday and Wednesday concern you because you can’t go by their house on those days. Hire a caregiver for the schedule that meets your needs. If over nights are a problem, well then problem solved.

But flexibility does not …