12 Facts You Need to Know Before Your Next Trip Cairo

1 – Cairo is very crowded city where more than 15 million live in, you have to consider this within your trip planning in order to avoid any lateness or being on hurry while your visit specially to those who have so limited time to make their tours like stopover travelers or quick tour tourists

 2 – Large number of attractions are located in Cairo, you have to decide what you exactly need to visit and what to discover firstly, set your priorities, know your real desires and then plan the tour accordingly

 3 – In Cairo there are a lot of transportation means, local cabs, white cabs, London cabs metro, microbuses, buses and so on

 for travelers, never to use buses or microbuses, you really wont like to be involved in, avoid local taxies, just you can use London taxis or white ones, Regarding metro; it is ok to use it just if you avoided rush hours.

 best way to transfer is still a previous booking by local tour operator or limousine by your accommodation hotel

 4 – Vendors are everywhere!! This is a fact which bothers locals than travelers, you do not have to deal with a vendor without your private guide to avoid losing value of money.

 for your shopping, there is no place to go better than Khan Elkhalily market, also you can find many bazaars near to every tour attraction

 5 – There is no lucky rings, there is no pharaohs formula, there is no magical objects, all are just a words to let you buy vendors products !!

 6 – Before your free tours in the city, it is so recommended to leave your contact number to hotel reception in order to find you if you got lost

 7 – There is no specific code of dress in Egypt, feel free to wear what you like, just try to get conservative clothing if you intend to visit mosques, churches or local parts of the city, people will not be happy to see someone does not show the enough respect to their holy places

 8 – Do not try to have local food by street vendors or restaurants, you may like its appearance, its taste but for sure you won’t like what may catch you after.

 9 – For water, just use mineral bottled water, it does not charge so much but for sure it will be rather better

 10 – English is used widely among university students and business men, French is the second language, anyway try to know some Arabic statements to use in common situations, like thank you, please, how to go, I am lost and help me

 11 – Almost of Egyptians are so kind and welcome their guest warmly, but because of economic intermediate many beggars started to appear in streets and other people started to think tourist is just a movable bank, Do not take so much money with you within visits, use credit cards better, ATMs are allowed anywhere and available to use

 12 – Finally, Guided tours are the best way to explore Egypt safely and to enjoy every single moment within your trip

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