Which way is clockwise for a ceiling fan?

If you only see the ceiling fan only as a machine or device, you are highly mistaken. Lots of people out there think that fan is only for improving the ventilation in the room, but they must know a lot about this device. Though, the fact is correct that a fan is something that increases the ventilation only by circulating the air consistently. Though this is also correct that it provides the cold air, but it is actually more than just providing the air. In an addition, this particular fixture is also capable of just helping you save on the electricity bill. This may sound quite impossible, but it is actually true. So, you are now probably wondering how it occurs. The answer is quite simple only through the utilization of rotation of the fan.

Ceiling fans basically turn clockwise and anti-clockwise or counter clockwise. Each of the direction of fans generates air with various temperatures. Furthermore, all these directions of the fan can be helpful when it is used during a specific season.

Knowing about the ceiling fan direction in winter and summer

Though it may sound odd of using the ceiling fan in winter, but numerous fans are there available in the recent marketplace that is also used during winter. Basically, you can use the ceiling fans for both winter and summer.

Summer is extremely sticky and hot, and as a matter of fact, you cannot help, but you always desire to have something that will provide cool air throughout your room but without changing the thermostat settings. Well, there is certainly something, and this is considered as a fan. A ceiling fan can deliver cool air if the fan moves in a counter-clockwise rotation or forward direction. When blades of a fan only turn in this direction, cool air is directed downwards, therefore, producing the cooler air.

Eventually, when you just increase the regulator settings, the entire room can endure being cool as long as your room’s ceiling fan is turning in a particular direction, therefore, permitting you to save on the energy consumption as well as reduce the electricity bill. There is no particular denying that maximum people just think that ceiling fans are merely beneficial during summer. The best part of this ceiling fan is, it also help you keep warm during winter. If the fan blade only turns in the clockwise motion, then the air warm air goes up and then pools in a ceiling. When the fan blades turn clockwise, then warm air just get distributed in the entire room.

Ceiling fan direction during summer: Counterclockwise

Ceiling fans are a must have during summer. You always desire to have the cool air on a cheap budget and fan is the ultimate answer. Run your fan counter-clockwise just to blow the air downward as well as then create the cooling breeze so that you can easily set the regulator at a higher setting. Besides that, it will still feel the cool while saving the money on air conditioning charges.

Ceiling Fan Direction during winter: Clockwise

Though it sounds quite weird, that turning the fan during winter is quite odd, this is absolutely true that you always need a fan in winter because it makes your room heated properly. When the fan turns clockwise, you have to understand that the fan provides hot air to the entire room. It will allocate the heat more consistently and then make the room feel warmer, permitting you turning down the regulator. This is quite noticeable as well as a popular choice for everybody.

Depending on the weather or season under consideration, you can now make an appropriate decision. Once you opt for a choice, there are several Internet-based platforms like http://atomberg.com/  that offer a wide range of fans for you to check out.