The Most Popular Trends In Designer Sundresses

A staple item that every woman should have in her closet is a sundress, as it provides a comfortable outfit that is perfect for an afternoon barbeque or an evening out on the town. As they have grown in popularity, the various designs have changed dramatically and make it even harder for those in the market for a new outfit to choose a style that will be comfortable and provide the most fashion forward appearance possible. Here is a quick look at the most popular trends in summer inspired dresses.

Off The Shoulder

One of the most popular styles are dresses that are designed to be worn off the shoulder, as they allow a dress to look casual while being comfortable and cool to wear in the hottest of weather. A woman who likes the look but is not comfortable in a shoulderless design can choose one that provides the off the shoulder look but has a crisscross neck strap to help stabilize the dress and provide ease of wear and peace of mind.

Denim Fabric

Sundresses come in a wide range of fabrics, and one of the hottest in the industry is denim, due in part to its comfort and unparalleled quality. Most are made in a slim fit style, which allows them to hug the body and show off a woman’s figure. The denim fabric is also much thinner than what is used for the fabrication of jeans, which allows it to be comfortable and cool in the most humid and hot weather conditions.

Embroidered Embellishments

Another hot trend in sundresses is in the way designers are choosing to embellish the dresses. While patterns are popular, one of the fastest growing trends is to adorn a dress with embroidery designs that provide a look that is both elegant and timeless. Many designers are choosing a solid color fabric and attaching embroidered designs in vivid colors to give a dress a sense of whimsy and style.

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