Older Wood Floors Can Be Made to Look New with Refinishing Services

With the decorating world turning to more natural and eco-friendly finishes, wood is a natural flooring choice. Wood and bamboo are flooring materials that are natural and sustainable. When wood is cut, new trees are planted. When bamboo is cut, it grows back quickly. In addition to this, wood floors last a long time giving good value for the money invested. When solid wood floors become damaged. Good hardwood refinishing services can bring them back to like new looks.

What Wood Flooring Can Be Repaired And Refinished?

Solid wood flooring that has enough thickness remaining for sanding can be refinished. Some things that make refinishing unpractical include deep scratches and gouges, burn damage, bad water damage, and too many deep stains from pets, etc.

Wood veneer or engineered wood floors may be refinished once if they have a thick enough wood layer. They must also be nailed or glued securely to the subfloor. This type of floor that has deep scratches or other damage can not be refinished. Likewise, laminate flooring can not be refinished because it is not real wood but a photographic depiction of wood with a vinyl or plastic layer on top of it.

How Is Wood Flooring Refinished?

Wood flooring is refinished by removing all vinyl, carpet, padding, or subfloor from the flooring. Any tack strip, screws, nails, or staples must be removed. Paint or other spots should be scraped off. When the floor is clean, the refinishing company will sand it with special equipment to remove the old finish, scratches, and gouges. The sanding pads get progressively smaller until the floor is smooth and new looking. Then a stain is applied evenly and allowed to dry. After this, several layers of strong finish are applied and dried. After the finish is dry, it is allowed to cure.

How To Treat Refinished Wood Floors

The home owner should wait two to seven days to move furniture back into the room. Furniture should have felt pads added to the bottom of legs. Area rugs should not be put on the floor for at least two weeks. The newly refinished wood floor should be kept clean to avoid scratches. Liquid spills should be promptly wiped up. Take care to only wear clean shoes in the house. Use mats at all entry doors. For more information, visit the website.