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6 Advices To Look Into In Purchasing Patio Umbrellas

In the process of completing my outdoor patio furniture set, I needed to buy a patio umbrella that is to be placed in my garden.

If you live in in the part of the country that is relatively high altitude area like I do, it is not always probable to eat out during the evenings for it can be quite chilly so lunchtime is the ideal time for scheduling a backyard BBQ cookout.

My guests and their families can get easily get burned because my patio area is fairly exposed so when the sun is out it directly affects them, this was the time that I knew that I should invest in a patio umbrella.

I always like to go into deep research when I am buying something regardless of what product it is, so I decided to share my discoveries with you. Before buying the product, I took my time to consider these relevant points.

The first thing to consider is the frame. Ultimately the choice just boils down to either wood or aluminium. The drawback of choosing wood is that it is heavy but you can still choose wood if portability is not that a big factor for you.

Second on the list is the lifting mechanism of the patio umbrella. Depending on the size of the patio umbrella the lifting mechanism can be very vital for you. When you have a heavy umbrella, there should be a level on the umbrella pole that you wind and it goes up, this is called the crank system.

There is also a system using pulley, where you pull on the rope and the umbrella goes up and you can secure its position with a pin, this is an example of the less extravagant systems. Finally there exists a tried and tested collar that you have to push upwards until a click can be heard showing that it has been locked.

The third thing to consider is the tilt. Two options can be used in tilting your patio umbrella. a)The crank is used by the auto system to tilt the umbrella b)Tilting the umbrella can be achieve by rotating one of the ribs.

Fourth on the list is the shade size. Following the general rule of thumb, the size of the umbrella should be 5 feet greater than the area of the table you wish to as to give you extra room required for the chairs to be included.

Fifth on the list is the fabric used. The fabric is considered to be one of the biggest driver of the cost, I can assure you that the cheaper fabrics’ color will fade.

Lastly is the maximum shade and an offset umbrellas that are flexible. The umbrellas should be free standing so no addition cost will go to buying umbrella stand and the pole is to one side, so you can freely position the umbrella where you wish to maximize the shade or to ensure the view isn’t disturbed, these are the key points.