Author: Satria Ahong

Four Ways to Learn Home Improvement Skills to Save Cash on Remodels

Most people don’t even consider the possibilities that they could remodel their homes themselves. However, home improvement boasts a plethora of skills to learn—which saves you cash for renovations, while providing you with a sense of pride and accomplishment when you DIY your own remodels.

Ask Around Your Local Hardware Store for Classes, Lessons, and DIY Customer Projects

Most local arts, crafts, and hardware stores offer classes and lessons for DIY projects that showcase how-to, hands-on guides for customers. These projects usually have some kind of schedule, so ask employees if there’s a calendar for the next month of classes and lessons. Or, if your local hardware store is missing out on this awesome part of customer care, suggest it to the store manager.

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Should you refinish your own wood floors?

Follow these steps if you need guidance to revamp your scratched floor. With sufficient research you can do this job yourself.

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Thoroughly clean the floor

Tackle the job with hardwood floor cleaner or a solution of 10 parts water to 1 part vinegar. Dry the floor with a towel wrapped mop head. Be sure to close the doors and windows to prevent the dust from going through the house. This can also be done on laminate flooring but take care to treat it gently.

Prepare the perimeters

Sand the outer edge by hand and any parts that are difficult to reach with the sander using 180-grit paper. Sand just over 10 cm away from the skirting board until a fine powder forms.

Remember that all floors need maintenance. Suppliers like will be best at advising you on maintenance when you initially decide on your flooring.

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