5 Ways to Use LED Accent Lighting to Impress Guests

Accent lighting is often used to bring the eye’s attention to an object. However, it can also be a way to bring ordinary household objects to life. For instance, LED strips behind a shelf on the wall may give objects a more robust appearance. With a bit of imagination, you could accentuate uncommon areas to deliver a unique aspect to the home. Not only will it impress your guests, but it may impress you as well.

Along the Fireplace Mantel

Installing LED strips along the edge of a fireplace mantel easily draws attention to the unit. This is especially useful if you plan on decorating the surface with objects of art. However, it can be just as entrancing having the light stand on its own. The lighting may give the fireplace a more active appearance even when it’s not technically in use.

Along the Stairwell

For those who have stairs within their home, accent lighting can be a great way to offer appearance as well as practical benefits. For example, being able to see where your going in the middle of the night could help prevent slips and falls when walking down the stairs.

Behind the Entertainment System

While many homeowners envision a halo of light around their entertainment systems, accent lighting can make it a reality. With a low-yield LED lighting fixture in the right place, the television may seem like it was glowing with excitement. By reducing the intensity, it can also be designed in a way to be pleasant without being a distraction.

Baseboard Strip Lighting

Outlining a room with baseboard lighting can be quite an impressive site, especially at parties. As LEDs come in a wide assortment of colors, you can easily find a hue that matches your interior design ideas. Perhaps you could go a step further and install lights that can be activated by sound as well. This can be an incredibly fun addition when you have children or entertain guests often.

Under the Desk

Installing lighting under your desk may give it a futuristic appearance. If you’re someone who values computers and technology, this could be an amazing way to accentuate your passion. In a practical sense, it will also provide ambient light when you’re slaving away late at night on a report or playing games with friends.

The right home renovation contractor may be able to help you install LED lighting for any location. Whether you’re accentuating the kitchen or want a bit of additional light along a fireplace mantel, anything is possible when it comes to interior design. Give your house a chance to demonstrate what it’s capable of with the right lighting. Those areas may just turn out to be one of your favorite aspects of your home.